“Dust Control is also Erosion Control and is required by the Clean Water Act & Clean Air Act. Knowledge with both is essential”

Regulations in Clark County call for any project that disturbs 50 acres or more must have a full-time Certified Dust Monitor on site during all soil disturbing activities. This Dust Monitor must constantly observe the site looking for air quality problems and thoroughly document the findings. In addition, the Dust Monitor many times acts as the liaison between contractors and the owner and between the regulators and the owner.

In addition to stormwater compliance services, Eros Environmental also offers our clients Dust Monitoring Services.

Blowing dust is actually wind erosion, which is regulated by the same Federal, State, and Local entities that enforce stormwater compliance. This is actually enforced much more than stormwater and the fines can be almost as much as stormwater violations.

Clark County has over 20 air quality inspectors that patrol developments and construction sites looking for violations. Armed with cameras, they investigate sites documenting violations. Once their evidence is collected, an operator may receive a CAO (Corrective Action Order) or a NOV (Notice of Violation). A NOV is accompanied with a fine that can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.

Eros Environmental utilizes the same methodologies that have been successful for stormwater compliance for years. These methodologies, paired with our extensive knowledge and unmatched service allow us to offer our clients with the peace of mind of true air quality compliance.