Our Employees

Without our Employees, we cannot Serve our Clients

  • Pay a fair rate
  • Regular Reviews
  • Training Program
  • Opportunities for Advancement
  • Recognition for achievements 
  • Regular get-to-gethers with employees and their families

Our Clients

Without our Clients, we cannot Serve our Community

Provide Unmatched Service

Competitive Pricing

3 Divisions to allow Specific Management for each Service provided

Comprehensive QA Program that Includes Audits, Training, & Client Feedback


We have an God Given Responsibility to Serve Others

We have created a Charitable Affairs Division

Set Monthly Budget to Serve Various Charities

Regular Company-wide Volunteering 

Create an Opportunity for Our Employees to Get Involved

Our Environment

Protecting our Water & Air Quality is another way they we Serve our Community

By Serving our Clients, we help Protect our Air & Water

We have sat on Regional & National Panels to better Serve our Environment

We Minimize the Use of Paper as Much as Possible by Electronic Innovations

As a Company, we strive to recycle wherever possible

We have invested in BMPs that are re-usable and recyclable