Meet our Management Team

Tony Brighi Eros Environmental SWPPPS

Tony Brighi - CPESC, President

For over 18 years, Tony Brighi, President of Eros Environmental, LLC. has been serving the Erosion & Sediment Control industry with his knowledge, passion, and servant leadership. Tony joined the International Erosion Control Association (IECA) in 1998 and began gaining education on all aspects of Sediment & Erosion Control. Tony has logged over 500 educational hours through various organizations and carries several certifications. From 1998 to 2004, Tony worked primarily on the construction side of stormwater, specializing in Best Management Practice (BMP) development, installation, and maintenance.

In 2004, Tony was recruited and hired by the Nation’s Largest Stormwater Compliance Engineering and Consulting firm. Tony was given the prestigious “Leadership” award for being the top Consultant in the nation and was promoted to Senior Stormwater Consultant, and was the only person that held that position. In May of 2006, Tony earned his Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC) certification. Tony is the only person in Las Vegas to have this prestigious accreditation and one of only 1,600 nation-wide. Tony has been featured in local and national publications and has sat on several local and national committees regarding stormwater. In July of 2007, Tony started Eros Environmental, LLC. 

Here to Serve isn’t just a mantra or words found throughout our offices. It is the foundation and focus of Eros Environmental. We are here to Serve our Employees, our Clients, our Community, and our Environment.
— Tony Brighi
Eros Environmental SWPPPS

Shelli Brighi, Vice President

Shelli brings a strong background in Banking, Customer Service, Real Estate, and Family Management to Eros Environmental. As Vice President, Shelli is responsible for the overall Administrative Operations, as well as Executive Support. Shelli is the behind the scenes brains behind Eros Environmental. Shelli was also instrumental with the start up and management of Eros Environmental's Charitable Affairs Division. This has become a passion for Shelli, as she Serves our Community.

Shelli's Servant Heart is was drives her in her personal, as well as professional life. Shelli lives to give and touches most people's hearts that she meets. Shelli's heart, integrity, and passion for people have been tremendous assets for Eros Environmental.

Serving our community has become a passion of mine, as well as Eros Environmental’s. We have been Blessed and feel it is our responsibility to give back.
— Shelli Brighi
Chris Jackson

Chris Jackson, SWPPPS & Permitting Division Manager

Chris came to Eros Environmental in 2012 with a construction background. Chris started out as a Dust Monitor, which morphed into a Project Manager on a 2000 acre master-planned community. Chris was responsible for the Dust Monitoring, Inspections, & BMP Installation & maintenance. 

While Chris was still a Project Manager, he was cross-trained on creating SWPPP BMP Plans. Chris excelled and soon was trained on writing SWPPPs. Chris has been recognized by many clients for his extreme attention to detail in his work. Chris has a competitive spirit that drives him to be the best. In 2016, Chris was promoted to Division Manager of SWPPPs and Permitting. 

In addition to his Division Management duties, Chris is also our resident IT expert. He assists employees and management with computer, tablet, software, and phone support. Chris has been a tremendous asset to Eros Environmental.

I take Serving my Client’s SWPPPs & Permitting needs very serious. Their compliance starts with me and I strive to keep them in compliance and provide the best Service possible.
— Chris Jackson
Eros BMP

Brett Plunkett, BMP Install & Maintenance Division Manager

Brett came to Eros Environmental in 2012, with a long history in Construction. Brett was hired as a Dust Monitor, where he excelled due to his incredible ability to gain the trust of clients, as well as the regulatory inspectors. Brett was promoted to Inspector, where he was able to make a difference on many more projects. Soon Brett was the go-to person for everything operations, including Eros Environmental's BMP Installation & Maintenance Division, due to his extensive knowledge of construction and operating equipment.

In 2016, Brett was promoted to Division Manager of BMP Install & Maintenance. Brett is responsible for managing several install & maintenance crews, water truck services, street sweeping services, as well as Dust Control services.

Brett is a people person and has a strong desire to get to know his employees, clients, and colleagues so that he can better Serve them. His humor, wit, and loyalty have truly been an asset to Eros Environmental.

Getting to know our clients and employees, helps me to better understand them and their needs. This is important to be able to Serve them in whatever capacity they need.
— Brett Plunkett
Richard Crawford

Richard Crawford, Inspections & Monitoring Division Manager

Richard came to Eros Environmental in 2012 with an Environmental background.  Richard was hired as a Project Manager for a Master-Planned community. Richard was responsible for the Dust Monitoring, Inspections, & BMP Installation & maintenance. When that project was completed, Richard moved around from BMP Install & Maintenance, to Inspections and Monitoring.

Richard has always been a team player and willing to help out wherever the company needs him. In 2016, Richard was promoted to Division Manager of Inspections & Monitoring. Richard's attention to details, desire to improve himself and others, and ability to handle adversity with a calm demeanor have helped him manage our largest division.

Richard works very hard to Serve our clients and employees. His ability to be pulled several directions and putting out fires daily, with a smile on his face is an inspiration to others and an asset to Eros Environmental.

Protecting the environment is a wonderful bi-product of helping my clients comply with environmental regulations. Being able to Serve our Environment, by Serving our Clients is a beautiful thing.
— Richard Crawford